Two days ago on hubby's day off I went to get a haircut around lunch time. So it was just daddy and baby for lunch together. I came home and bubs was having his afternoon nap and hubby was relaxing proudly. I took bubs for a walk and a play in the gardens with other kids in the neighbourhood and got wind of a yoga class at the gym later in the day. I came home with bubs and told hubby that I was going to yoga so he will have to do feeding and the whole bedtime routine on his own. He was cool with it so off I went. I came back after class and bubs was already in bed, fed and bathed and hubby looked very relieved. I had a shower and was relaxing in the lounge when came in and said, wait for it; "Honey I appreciate everything you do."
"yep it ain't easy is it now" was my cheeky reply.
Of course when it's dinner time and bubs is tired and hungry he wants to be picked up. So trying to hold him and prepare his dinner at the same time requires three arms which every parent experiences. Anyway we appreciate each other but it's nice to hear it now and again:)


Sieni said…
tell me about it! it's so sweet to hear it now and then isn't it!

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