Sick bubba

Today we were due to go to Dubai with hubby. He's be working and Tau and I tagging along to do some Christmas shopping and catch up with our friends up there. This week-end is also the Rugby sevens that we were planning to attend if only for one day. Unfortunately my darling boy is so unwell that he and I stayed behind. I took him to the doctor yesterday and once again we walked out with lots of medication and optimism from the doctor that he should be okay today. Well quite the contrary this morning. He was coughing a lot and he's got a very runny nose. my poor babe is just not well. We hung out at home and made him sleep heaps today. He's been drinking water and thankfully he ate the chicken soup I made him today. I wanted to take him to another doctor today but most of the good clinics we go to were closed. It's still Eid holidays here in Oman and a lot of places are still shut. I hope my darling boy will feel better tomorrow and tomorrow, I will take him to another doctor.


awww, poor bubba, ....lots of pamol and rest and cuddles for our boy, i hope he's better by next week for the long flight though,.
am sure he'll get over it,...just keep him warm tho,
alofa atu
fierdashleo said…
I'm sorry bubba's poorly - I hope he's feeling better by now x

Like your page, it looks fresh and clean

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