Gulf Football Cup

I'm watching the Oman vs Saudi final on TV. It's being held at the local stadium near us so we can hear the cheering. This is a football loving nation and wow I've never seen such patriotism in the way the Omanis are supporting their team. For this occasion people are allowed to decorate their cars with the Oman colours. So the cars on the roads are quite colourful, some with stickers stuck all over their cars of the Oman flag colours and others bear the team posters.
The stadium is very colourful just like anywhere else with the team colours in the crowd. There are also lots of women in the crowd and interesting also they are wearing the team colours as scarves and others with the wigs even but still manage to be conservative.It's quite something. It's great that the women are very involved as well.
Right now they're going on to a shoot out as it's full time now and no score on the board. Ali Al Habsi is the local hero. He's the goalie for Oman and also plays for Bolton in the UK. 5 all in the shoot out and then Saudi shot the next goal and missed. The Omani shot and got the 6th goal. Needless to say it's a big party around Oman tonight. This is like the FIFA world cup in theis region. People are crying on the screen of happiness and for the Saudis tears of sadness. Ali Al Habsi is running around the stadium encouraging more cheering. What an amazing moment to witness here.


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