I watched Obama's inaugaration with so much enthusiasm that I'm sure I was an African slave in the US in my past life. I had tears in my eyes as I watched history unravel before my eyes. And I feel that I was in tune with what all those hopeful people standing in the cold were feeling and listening to Obama's speech I believed in that change and have faith that changes are on the way. 'Hope over fear' was an important line in his speech. It was amazing to flick from CNN to Sky to BBC and find that all the commentators were so positive with their comments. Another thing I found interesting about the inaugaration was having an opening and a closing prayer. I don't know if it's always been like that but it carried on to the lunches the following day which were opened with a prayer. This is normal in Samoa where nothing is done without a blessing so maybe this is one of Obama's changes to put God back in the "In God we trust" logo of theirs. Great start I say.
One thing for sure is he has a lot of work to do so there are a lot of expectations but he isn't a magician either. However after hearing that speech one feels hopeful and have faith that there may be some good changes underway.


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