Mabrook Oman

And so the celebrations continue late into the night here in Oman. We walked down to the road in front of our building to find it in chaos as people are celebrating on the roads. People are sitting on their cars and on the windows hanging out with flags and all dressed in their colours to celebrate their win tonight. I hate to think of the accident toll tonight due to the excitement. There are also children with their heads out the windows. What's funny is all this is live on TV as they cover all around the country and their celebrations on the roads. The cars are still moving on the highway and some people are dancing on the streets. People are just elated. The top scorer, best goalie and best player got apartments in developments around the country. The reporters are on the highway stopping cars and interviewing random people driving past. It's all in Arabic but the pride shining through need no translation as they praise their team and his majesty. Congratulations Oman.
Two shots Alex took of people celebrating on the streets.


Moira said…
Hi Omega,
Thanks for visiting my blog, Daughters of Samoa. Suga, makua mamao kele le mea ua e gofo ai:-). I love the posts about your adventures in that part of the world.

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