Travel Plans

Here we are, getting ready for another trip to Europe. This time we're keeping it short and will only be away for two weeks. FYI those with more recognised travel documents, travelling on a Samoan passport, is short of a nightmare to say the least! I have to get a visa for just about every country on the planet hic hic! well before my travel dates. But so far I've had a good record with the Schengen countries (ie. not overstaying anywhere) it only took 1 day to get my visa this time to our utmost pleasure. Normally I wait more than two weeks, though lately I'm sure they have to look up maps and goodness knows what else for the embassies to find Samoa first before they even look at the application! So cheers to the Austrian Embassy for calling us back the next day. With the schengen visa I can travel to most of the EU countries which is great, though I have to do all that within one month! Yeah right!


Mex, Thanx for the stuff you sent...we luv it!!!
we got the package this morning right before coming to work but i saw the scarf so i had to change my top to match it...LUURRRRVVEE IT...
and we're gonna put up the Omani weapons in the lounge...( e ka ai le ulu o Gui pe'a faakiga ulu soo).

thanks again man...!!

luv luv,

me and guigui

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