Swim stop.

On our drive back to Muscat we stopped at what's called a sink hole in Bamah! It's this huge hole in the ground with beautiful clear water. Our guide said that part of the ground just fell in and this is what's left.

In the scorching heat it was a welcome stop. The water was warm but not too bad.


dasifi said…
The water looks so inviting..looks like a great spot. Lucky you wish we had a water hole like that near our place I am dying from the heat. People keep asking me "but you are from a tropical country, you have no winter why then are u so uncomfortable?"
You feel like grabbing them by the collar and shake some sense into their daft brains. "Hello tropical don't mean temperatures like an oven. It's not the heat its the humidity that gets u here.
And we have a lot of trees this place is concrete.
We have the sea and water falls etc. They have the same but you dont wanna swim in it.
Gosh I am rambling I think the heat is melting my pea sized brain down.
Love your adventures narrative as well as the pics. Take care.
Shark Girl said…
Vaai kei ua faga oe e se Musalemi i lau pikini ga. Har!

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