Football: World Cup Final

Finally, we noticed that the Football finals were on so we went to watch it at our friends' place. It was the semi-finals France vs Portugal. Arriving at their place they asked who I was going for I just said France... I really haven't followed the games so have no idea who's who, but that my brother in-law is French! I think it kind of messed up the way our friends watch their games as here we were the opposition right in their living room. Oops! Football fanatics, I guess I thought it balanced out our viewing. Anyhow, France won by a penalty goal which was fine by me though according to them was a poor way to win a game!!! But then hey with football the goal is so small with a guy there that can use his hands so they kick the ball back and forth for 80 minutes and if we're lucky at least 10 seconds of that is excitement from scoring a goal. Nevertheless I was fired up from that game so I really wanted to watch the finals.
I watched it at our other friends' where France scored a goal in the first 10 minutes (penalty). Italy scored one 10 minuted later by way of a corner kick which was a good goal. At half time, Alex called from the airport that he had landed so I drove to the office to pick him up and stopped at the Golden Tulip bar to see the second half. They were mostly Italian fans in there, and being local young guys (14 yrs equivalent mentally) they were swearing when the French came near a goal. Quite uncomfortable but we watched the whole game.
How ridiculous, Zidane the captain and star player for the French head butted an Italian in the chest in the extra 30 minutes and got a red card! And that was his farewell game in the world cup final and he went out with a red card... How stupid... that all his experience and expertise went out the window when he did that! So the French were left with 10 players but they played hard. The Football world cup final came down to a penalty shoot out!!! So in the end Italy pocketed 5 out of 5 and France missed 1 out of 5!!! And Italy won the Football world cup, winner of 19 million dollars. What a lousy way to end a world final...a penalty shoot-out? football...tsk tsk tsk!


dasifi said…
A bit disappointed that the final had to be decided via penalty shoot outs especially having to stay up late to watch it (came on around 3 am here in Japan)and then Zidane had to go and end his international career in such a pathetic way. I am sure that he is kickin' himself for losin' it out there, especially bein' the captain and all.
But ah well you win some and u lose some but the winners purse it was so hefty it's sad to come so close and no cigar.

Ah well there's always the next one in South Africa.


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