Middle East in trouble?

Waking up to the news that Israel is bombing Beirut Airport is not very positive news at all. The Middle East is becoming a hot spot once again. Who knows who will support Lebanon in fighting against Israel, lets see Iran..arrgghh not with possible destructive weapons they have, Syria who are close by Lebanon... they are at least on that side of the continent but still..! Well I guess we'll just wait and see. Alex flies to Beirut but as of today they have now cancelled all their flights there so thank goodness for that. And then coming to the other side of us: India, there were 10 bombs that exploded in Bombay, another destination that hubby flies to. And those psycho people have just repeated 7/11 bombings like those of last year in London. There are some really disturbed people out there. Oman is quiet and a neutral country so hopefully they stay this way for a long time to come.


dasifi said…
I hear you gurl,
When North Korea carried out their nuclear testings last week we who live just one the other side of the sea were holding our breath.
I know they've done it before and not much came out of it but its the what if that troubles me. What if they decide to go a step further and all hell breaks loose.
The first thing that comes to mind is get me and my family out and on the first plane to Samoa.
Lets hope and pray that these little flares will die down.
Like you said, there is already to much violence in the world.
A lot of crazies out there and when its close to home its a little unsettling.

Take care.
dasifi said…
Megs can I link your page to mine puhretty please. If u don't mind that is.
Here's to hoping that the situation in Beirut will be sorted out in a non violent manner.

Take care.
Peachy.. said…
It's scary to think that there are so many innocent people that can be caught up between countries over politics, religion and a "tit for tat" mentality. Please be safe and be observant in your surroundings. Have a great weekend..Ciao...
Omega & Alex said…
Thanks for the concern guys but all we can do for now is pray and watch the news and live life to the fullest..heh heh like I do everyday! Just hope it all dies down soon.

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