Someone sent me this website with live feed from the Samoan radio. Its one of the best things that's happened from home since being away. When I remember I log onto the site and listen. Aside from all the birthday wishes that I don't really care about that takes up the time, I enjoy the Samoan humour when the commentators get into it, its memories of home. My favourite part is when they play Samoan music and other old favourites, it takes me back to my childhood years of whatever I was doing when those songs were being played.

Just now I heard one of the Samoa Teachers Training College old songs and it took me right back to our fale talimalo (sitting room) where Mom would play her old LPs and teach us girls how to do the siva(Samoan dance)to the scratchy tunes. She would teach us how to move our fingers gracefully and to make sure our eyes followed our hand movements from one hand to the other. It was stressed we should feel the song and flow with it. Hence, my love for our Samoan siva.

My mother is one of the best dancers I know. When my mother gets up to dance, she is the essence of grace, she commands attention with her movements, strength, experience and with deep emotion. You are drawn to watch in awe and admiration. A good Samoan dancer must be graceful even when they perform the more abrupt actions faataupati. There are few Samoan women that have this gift as far as I'm concerned. And it is an honour to be related to one. The whole siva Samoa is a joy to watch especially when there is a great supporting act (aiuli) by the men.

As for me, whenever I hear a Samoan song that's of dancing material I can't stop myself but start dancing the hand movements. Its so ingrained in me that my fingers just start to move to the music. Sometimes at home, I turn on my fav Samoan music full blast and perform to myself to keep my rythm warm and very alive!
"Dance like no one is watching!" Sau ia, chooo hooo...
Yoga for Indians and siva for Samoans.


I have all the Teachers College (TTC) songs on the laptop,
I thought they were copied to your laptop last time, if not, tell me and i'll send it along with the photos patient coz i'm trying to finish my painting to send along with those, so i dont have to send another mail to Oman next week.

okay,...whats the plan, when are you in austria? do you know relle's landing in akld for 5 hours on her way to that family planning conference in thailand?(yeah, she just called me yesterday)
she comes back thru nz and stays for a few days.
What happened to Italy, weren't you supposed to see Marchy?
dasifi said…
gosh megs, can totally relate a friend of ours directed us to that site and we have been hooked on it ever since.
The songs they take u right back and just for that time, home doesn't seem so far away.
It is there that I get my regular fix for my homesickness.

My husband and I laugh along to the banter of the announcers as only samoans would to our own flavor of humor. If only it were updated daily.
Ia but beggars cant be choosers and we'll take whatever is offered.
Sili le iai lo le leai aea?

And Yes, ur mom is a real great dancer and a joy to watch. I miss the gracefulness that is the essence of the samoan siva when it is performed by certain performers.
There many new actions n modern moves that seem to incorporate a bit of the Hawaiian hula and the Tahitian/Rarotongan Tamure into the samoan siva today and though it shows creativity and all, it kind of takes away from the beauty of the traditional samoan siva itself.
Hope you girls will continue on with what ur mom has imparted to you.
Have fun on ur trip to Europe, you can do some serious damage in two
Dont forget pics.
Omega & Alex said…
Fotu, do send me a cd of the teachers college music pls, want them, need them. I know Relle is heading to Thai this week for 2 weeks.
Dasifi, exactly, the site is really awesome and love hearing Vaasiliega and his crew. And u're right about the siva becoming so modern that its not so nice sometimes. Will try and take heaps of pics in Europe of course. Take care. Manuna
relle's going to singapore not thailand.
whats the link to the fob radio??
music copied madame hilbron.
Omega & Alex said…
Sidder Fob click on the title and it'll take u to the radio link... hullo

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