Renaissance in Oman

Today, Oman celebrates 36 years of Renaissance. To give a little history of Oman, in 1970, Sultan Qaboos bin Said who was educated in Britain, took over the country in a bloodless coup from his father! His majesty saw that Oman was left behind in terms of human development and civilization. Oman back then was cut off from the world including its Arabic neighbours. Sultan Qaboos rectified this once he took over by allowing for drilling of its oil in which revenue poured in to build and maintain infrastructure, health care, education, law and order. His majesty also abolished "unnecessary restrictions" that were imposed upon his people.
Today when you arrive in Muscat Oman, you will not believe that this was a village just 30 or so years ago. Now it is like any city in the world with comfortable infrastructure, health clinics, post offices, shopping malls, their own airline, universities, banks, you name it you can find it here. Better yet, the people have been empowered through education and encouraged to work to keep their progress going! So this blogger would like to commend the Sultan and Oman for their struggle to get where they are today. Shukraan


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