~ Master Chef ~

Its official, my darling husband is an excellent cook. I kind of knew this for awhile now and I must say I'm pretty lucky that he can cook some great meals. He can whip up a meal out of (what I think) nothing. I would look in the fridge to make a meal and feel frustrated that I couldn't see much to make a decent meal out of. Then good ol' Master chef goes in there and emerges with a big grin and a superb meal. Ok aside from the fact that I really am not a good cook it is just great that hubby can kick butt in the kitchen. In my defense I make good breakfast is about my only strong cooking points while babe can entertain me with a three course meal: when he's up to it. So I leave him to watch all the BBC Food shows as much as he wants:)


dasifi said…
Married life definately has its advantages and being married to a man that can cook is a bonus.
You have a gem of a husband.

My husband is no cordon blue but he is creative and can also make a hearty meal from scratch.
I am pitiful in the kitchen but what I lack in skill I make up for in praises. Complementing the chef frequently and a clean plate is a sure sign of one who is appreciative of the meal.ha!ha!

Take care.
Shark Girl said…
Haha. That's great. It must be wonderful having a chef for a husband. My hubby is pretty adept at "Samoan style" cooking i.e. anything to do with elegi, mamoe or fasi povi. God, give me pasta any day. Lol.

Yeah your cooking is limited to bacon and eggs. Mine is cooking rice. Har! Pugi!

Lots of love for you two!!
Dok said…
hi omega!!Just wanted to say isnt it grand when your man can cook!! I too benefit from the same talented hubby and it never fails to surprise me when he whips up a gourmet meal when i had been dreading thinking something up with only leftover sausages and half a cabbage in da fridge!! HEHE!! take care!!
Omega & Alex said…
Ioe, so grand indeed when our men can cook! Nyds tell the man to branch out ha ha ha! Otherwise I'll send some BBC Food tapes heh heh!
Sao dasifi we just ooh and aah to keep it coming. Cheers to all the men that can cook esp. my hubby:)

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