Paris Sevens

Last night I happen to switch on Showtime sports and what do you know the Paris Sevens were on. A replay of course from yesterday's game. Samoa made it to the finals playing against South Africa. Awesome effort from the Samoan boys. They beat the South Africans in their pool games but according to the commentator the Springpoks were smart to identify the Samoan playmaker a player named Iosua or other and so their defense was fantastic. It was a nice game to watch. 35 to 12 were the points on the scoreboard at the end. London Sevens are next week so a big congratulations and good luck next week to our home team. Malo le faamalosi.


dasifi said…
yay go Samoa go. This is a little embarrassing but are all our rugby teams 15/7 aside teams both known as Manu Samoa?
Neeways whatever they are called.. its still ganbatte Samoa.
Omega & Alex said…
Apparently yes both teams go by Manu Samoa.

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