Into the Abyss...

Alex mentioned that they were going to Snake Gorge with George and the other guys once more. Having been there already I thought it was nice for him to go back and would have loved to go again myself. We spoke again after their trip and I swear I almost had a mini heart attack when he told me that they went absailing on the difficult part of the gorge... Arrrgghh Never mind George had not done it before and Ernie had not even been to the gorge, last time Alex absailed was more than 5 years ago. Well, I sighed and said a little prayer of thanks that at least he was on the phone talking to me meaning he was alive. One of them could have fell. A million "what ifs" flashed through my head. I just could not believe that they had gone ahead with it. Here are some photos of their near-death-experience. heh heh. Nevertheless they had fun but do realise that it was quite a dangerous feat indeed.


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