Where to eat in Samoa

Observation: There are so many small hotels that have popped up everywhere in Samoa especially in Apia. Hotels, motel-like accommodation with restaurant and bars. I didn't get to check them all out but wow Apia has really changed. It's become quite fast! Faster than 3 years ago I'd say. I did try out the Amanaki Bar and restaurant a few times. They had affordable and tasty food and the service was quite good. One wasn't left with an empty glass or bottle for too long. Result: legless when drinking White Russians! Kids Do not try this at home! They had nice fresh sashimi everytime we went there which was good.
Seafood Gourmet at Matautu opposite the new marina is still my favourite eatery in Apia, affordable and I always walk away full and happy. I love their fish and chips, grilled fish, fresh yummy oka and their chicken salads. I like the latter as you feel like you're being healthy when you order it but then it comes with the thousand island rich dressing with that sinfully yummy Best Foods mayo in there and it just set you a few paces back heh heh. It gets me every time. They usually have fresh fish as the owners along with the hotel mentioned above run fishing boats so you know it was caught that morning or the day before?!
Roco's is at Motootua not far from the hospital or Red Cross centre. Fairly pricey and the food is okay. They serve fresh coconuts which I think is great and they have a nice view of Vaea Mountain and the ambience is quite nice.
Paddles at Matautu is also still going strong. Not cheap but the food was good. I was disappointed with hardly any Samoan dishes in the menu but otherwise the staff were nice and the food was yummy.
Newcomer lunch/breakfast place opposite Malua Fou College is Encounters. We ate there twice and both times the food was good. Good prices and friendly staff. Could do with more drink choices but otherwise worth checking out for sure.
Keli's sandwich shop at Lotemau is still going strong. They serve fresh fruit, chicken, steak sandwiches, muffins, smoothies and the like. A reliable place to get a healthy sandwich or wrap.
I noticed new coffee shops all over the town. Bambino's is still going but not as good as before. Coffee bean near the foga faleogo or EFKS building is not bad neither. Good coffee but it's in a small shop so it feels a little bit crowded and noisy when the blender or whatever is going behind the counter.
Swashbucklers or yacht club at Mulinu'u is also still going strong. The food is good there, reasonably priced and the sashimi is fresh and vailima cold. You eat under the stars if it's a clear night.
Tanoa Tusitala hotel bar and restaurant is another nice place to eat. 9 tala for a beer though is a tad much but it's a nice atmosphere with good snacks.
There are some good eateries in Samoa and so many to choose from which is nice.


Coconut Girl said…
You can't go wrong with Seafood Gourmet. Their oka is the best and guaranteed you will never get food poisoning from it lol. Paddles I love for their tiramisu. Bambino's definitely not as good as before BUT the prices are definitely more reasonable now. And Coffee Bean will always be close to my heart for the eggs benedict lol.

Now it's time to update on the more important issues - WHICH clubs do you recommend? Haha. I heard you were rocking it at Tropi one night...fefe e ia le malolo aimasi lol.


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