Samoa Classmates Reunion

My sister-in-law happens to work with an old classmate of mine. So I got her number and arranged to catch up over lunch. Yesterday I went into town in my three layers of clothing plus my heavy coat to see my friend Angelina. It was so exciting to see her again after so long. We went to Uni Prep Year in Samoa back in 1997. This was a prep year for university or further studies. Ange and I were in the same English class. A very memorable one because that year Mrs Lesina Aleki and Mrs Sina Va'ai and their fellow English lecturers decided that we had an English night, where each English class had to come up with a play, drama or poems to be performed and read on the night.

There were about 10 in our group and we decided to use a Samoan scary myth, superstition(true to some) and made up a story around it. Our play went really well and we were very proud of ourselves. We also did another one that imitated the birthday announcements and notices on Samoan TV but instead of photos we took turns freezing on stage in certain poses. So for a 3rd birthday the subject froze with a teddy and a childish expression! The university had just moved into its new flash campus which was built by the Japanese. It was well equipped and it had the latest filming equipment at that time. The English night was done on a nice stage with all the proper lighting plus it was filmed by the university for their archives. So to our shock/horror for months after that night our plays were played on TV Samoa due to lack of other material then. What's memorable about that night was the fun we had preparing for the English night. It strengthened bonds with classmates as we were all in it together and didn't want to bomb out on the night.

So our lunch with Ange consisted or reminiscing about that night and the fun we had back in 1997. Then we both laughed and agreed at how it was such a long time ago now and yet we don't feel much older. Which of course is a good thing. We asked each other about our old classmates from then and wondered where some of them were and then decided that we should really have a class reunion soon so we can catch up with our classmates and see how everyone is doing. I hope more of us will be keen to get on with it but one thing for sure is I'm getting the ball rolling for next year as of last night. Angie amazingly has a copy of the English night video and I'm going to use it during our reunion next year. It would be hilarious, better go on a strict diet to not look like I doubled in size! If you're a UPY 97 student please add yourself to our facebook page UPY 1997. If not please keep in touch on exciting times ahead.


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