Long flights aargh

Made it to Dubai safely after a long journey that started in Wellington at 11am. My sister picked us up at Auckland airport and off we went to my Aunty's place to say hello and hang out for a couple of hours before our connecting flight at 6pm. We had fun catching up with my Aunty and sister and then headed back to the airport to check in. At Auckland airport an old colleague and mate checked us in which was nice. Ran into two other people I knew from Samoa. Auckland is an extension of Samoa it seems sometimes.
We got Emirates lounge passes which was good and not so good. My terror of a three year old decided it was fun to jump from couch to couch and then run to the other side of the lounge and yelled at the top of his lungs 'Mummy, Mummy, come and find me'. To which I pretended I couldn't hear as I enjoyed my cup of tea, fruits, crackers and cheese. When I was done and ready I went over to fetch him and found the lounge attendant was bribing him with another activity pack to bring him back to our seat.
He played for about a minute with the pull sticker out and put on cardboard and ran off again to skip on the couches. I started threatening him nicely and then harshly but the boy wouldn't listen. It was going to be a long trip from there-on.
AKL_SYD was fun for Tau as he ran all over the A380 and made friends with the crew. He was quite tired by the time we got to Sydney so he didn't listen to me much.
SYD-DXB he ate and then knocked out but now his short-tempered and tended to yell at me for more milk/water or whatever he wanted at this point. I fed him and told him to lie down so he can watch cartoons and eventually he fell asleep. I tried to sleep during this time. We were lucky as we sat down the lady that had the window seat saw the 3 year old and immediately asked to move...umm Tau was at his best for those 5 minutes heh heh. So when she moved we had the whole row!!
When Master Three woke up much later he asked if he could go for a 'walk' meaning run all around the aircraft. He was fine until the flight attendants were about to serve breakfast so they brought him to our seat and then Master Three decided to throw a tantrum. About 5 minutes later he settled and ate his breakfast and napped before landing. Oi aue what a hellish trip for me. Travelling with a stubborn three year old is NOT fun.


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