Nursery and other rants.

Dropped Sonny_Tau off to Nursery this morning and now I can go pay the bills, do grocery shopping by myself and do other stuff that needs to be done without my little shadow hanging off me. yippee.
Sad sad occurrence in Norway yesterday! It seems if it's not a natural disaster plighting a people it's a human caused tragedy. So awful that there is so much evil in people.
And then Amy Winehouse dies at 27! I mean where the hell are the people that are supposed to love this girl! Blimin' sad how society stands by and watches a destructive person kill herself slowly. It comes out that she's been cancelling shows and basically have been sick on stage. Can't remember her lyrics and I just saw a footage where she got booed off the stage as she's shaking and just looks dazed. WHERE ARE THE PEOPLE that should care for her.
Weird as I just watched a movie called Country Song last week starring Gwyneth Paltrow which is not much different from Amy's life. A destructive singer who just wants to quit but everyone around her 'need' her to keep singing. In the end she took her own life! How many times will this play out. Lucky for Brit Spears that her family stepped in to help her out.
And now on the news, they say Amy Winehouse had a soulful voice, umm how can there be soul when she's one messed up drug addict! This world is full of people that are full of shit lies.


Mariaoelosalio said…
Very True - I watched that same movie a few weeks ago - then Amy's death was on the news.... I had the same thoughts about the PEOPLE who have been pushing & pushing, and in times of trouble - they are no where to be seen....

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