Flora and Fauna of To Sua Gardens, Falealili, Samoa

An amazing swimming hole called the To Sua(with water) and another To lesua(without water). This is where my youngest sister's wedding was held. A spectacular location and the family that own this land keep the land beautiful and natural and have all sorts of exotic plants growing on it. An ideal wedding ceremony location, as the sun sets, the natural colours all around are magnified along with the colourful attire of the guests, while the wedding vows are drowned out by the crashing waves below you have but the newly weds body language and the beauty around you to go by.

Sunset from the Cross Island Road looking back at Siumu.


Beautiful - is this the spot that was in Survivor Samoa series? Because honestly, there were so many gorgeous places in that show that i had never seen. And a reminder of what a lame Samoan i am - never goes anywhere and only swims at a beach once a year. And even that is very unwillingly.
Malelega said…
Lani I'm not sure if this place was on survivor but it's on a lot of post cards but not many locals know where it is I think. Thanks to my sister's wedding I made it there this time round. Natural beauty at it's best.

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