Samoa 32 Australia 23

Yep, I'm one VERY HAPPY Manu Samoan supporter today. That was an amazing game today in Australia by the Manu Samoa. Alesana Tuilagi scored an awesome try in the first half and the game was 10-0 to Samoa for awhile. It was just beautiful to watch. The first time Samoa has beaten Australia and the commentators were quiet not knowing what to say really. In the second half they then commented on how frustrated the Aussies looked and that they were 'rattled' choo hooo. About time. More tries were scored by Kane Thomson, Paul Williams and someone else. The whole team showed guts and team work.

Now I must say I have hope that they can do well in the World Cup if they keep that kind of play up. The most remarkable moment during the game for me was when Alesana Tuilagi tackled an Aussie winger and drove the guy out of the field then he pats the guys head and gets up with the biggest smile on his face. Just love the kaufa'alili la lea. Fa'amalo lava i le Manu Samoa today and I think Samoans everywhere are celebrating like we just won the world cup Le MANU: SAMOA Choo Hooo
One proud Manu Supporter living in Oman:) From our camping trip in Feb this year.


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