What to feed your kids

Ok so I am a pretty relaxed mum. I like to think so but I also like to make sure what my child consumes at this point in his life is healthy but balanced out with the junk that is available to this age.                                                                                                                    

My son is a chocoholic...and I mean this child will say no thanks to candy but YES to ANY type of chocolate in sight he would ask for chocolate any time of the day and if he has a whiff that there's any in the fridge well good luck to us as he won't rest until he either eats it or knows for sure there isn't any!
That doesn't mean we make sure there's chocolate in the house at all times...no sirree we only buy it now and again and give it to him at certain times! However I also am not going to say no to pizza once in a while. Having said that a lot of my friends are on the same boat as I, but then, you come across the odd one that just tries everything she can for her kid not to eat bad food. Well tonight, for a break I ordered some pizza for the kids to eat and this mom allowed the kid to eat it and boy the kid would have eaten half the large pizza if given the chance; on top of that he ate the corn chips we had out and didn't stop till the mum told him to stop. Oh and the juice boxes, he started drinking the other boys fruit juice after drinking his own! It was just so interesting to watch. I guess the reverse psychology was in progress here as the kid wanted more of what he wasn't allowed to have. Of course after 5 pm we all disallow juice but just water or milk and by then, even I wanted to help the lady stop her son from going crazy! The question is how much of a gag should you put on your kids and certain types of food? The truth is, it is available at friends' houses. I guess one can hope that the child will learn to make the right choices but should we expect that of a 4 year old? 

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Goddess said…
chocohalic hah...go Tau!

for us, we give her whatever is lying around, if she doesn't like it, tough luck.

but I think the second kid you described is what our mini boy is turnign into: he eats anything and he drinks everything. Unfortunately, if its a drink, he drinks it until he vomits it all out same as food, eat till all comes out so we have to keep all food away from his reach!. makuai leai lava se ki kaofi.

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