Counting Our Blessings.

Throughout this awesome trip we did in Europe, our 3 year old was safely in the care of my husband's parents. We all went to Austria together for a week and then we parted ways in Munich, where we saw them off at the airport to come back to Muscat on their own. Hubby's parents were looking after our son in our house while we were away galavanting through Europe. Here I say I am truly blessed to have them in my life. Not many grandparents can do that for their kids so we're very lucky. So to avoid them going stir crazy in Muscat, hubby arranged that they go to Kathmandu, Nepal for 3 days for a tour around there with our three year old in tow! Mind you this will be 3 Year Old's second time there.
A friend couldn't believe that this was happening, and pointed out that we were sending our son with his grandparents on their own to Oman in the Middle East and then on to Nepal, both "third world countries", were we crazy? Well that's looking at it in a way we'd never considered...because 1. We live in the Middle East and Oman is one of the safest countries we'd lived in. 2. Kathmandu is not a poverty stricken place that you see on TV. It's a fairly developed city with hotels and good transport system and shops with food and water everywhere. We happened to have a good friend there too who was arranging a tour for the family and looking out for them.
It hit me that others of course would really think we were crazy for doing that because they just don't know. After all we are from a Least Developed Nation called Samoa, where rule of law still does apply.
Tau on his papa's shoulders again while his nana looks on in Kuala Lumpur.
Anyway the gist of this post is my son has amazing grandparents and am thankful for their devotion and time for their grandchild and for enabling us do what we did. 


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