Venezia - Last and Sad day

We slept in. We got ready, checked out of the hotel and dragged our bags through the street to the boat. We decided to go to the train station to check the train times, leave our bags in the baggage storage and make our way to a Salvador Dali exhibition and see the museum of costumes before catching a later train to Milan for our flight in the evening. As we stood on the boat enjoying the sights of Venice I reached for my phone to take some last photos, when I did I noticed I had messages. One of them was from my dear friend who has been like a sister to me since we met four years ago. In the text she tells me that her test results came back and that she had breast cancer and she will have a mastectomy this week-end. I looked up to find my husband for support and it's as if Venice had gone black, had lost it's glamour in that one moment. All I wanted was to get home to hug my son and then go see my friend and hold her hand and just be there for her through this terrible journey that she's about to embark on. Life is good generally, but then it has it's ways of shattering that fragile glass that it seems to be at times.
I lost interest in seeing anything any more after the text so we just bought our train tickets for Milan for our flight in the evening and sat in a cafe in gloom. 
I would have liked to have seen a Salvador Dali exhibition that was on and the Gugenheim museum. Maybe next time if there is one.
We're sitting on the train to Malpensa Milan airport. What an amazing time we've had but it almost tastes sour due to the news we received, I can't wait to get home to our little boy.
Freezing cold day in Venice with keen buskers

Tourists galore, hubby trying to cross the over-crowded bridge

Venice on a Sunday (yikes)

San Marco magnificent


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