Budapest Day 5

We left Prague in the afternoon to catch our flight on Wizz Air to Budapest. Hubby was hard on the iPad and got us good fares on Wizz air to omit the long train ride. We landed and caught the minibus which wasn't too expensive that dropped us to the door of our rented apartment which hubby found on agoda To our surprise it was a cosy apartment with 3 bedrooms and slept 6 people with everything in it. Two bathrooms one with a bathtub and a fully-fitted kitchen. It was fantastic and if that wasn't enough, it was right in the city centre on Nador Utca(Streer) that leads into the St Stephen Basilica Street. It was a great find. Classic Samoan style we hadn't made concrete plans before this trip, but armed with the iPad and 4 years outdated Lonely Planet on Europe we managed to get around and find killer deals all over the place! The boxes that needed ticking in our accommodation range were the obvious ones but must be near tram/train station and must have Wireless Internet(WiFi) as we needed it to plan the next leg of the journey! And yep it must be noted a lot of places offer WiFi in the room rate.
St Stephen Basilica
Budapest was a lovely surprise though. What a beautiful city it is. It had very spacious streets and clean and just rather classy!...if you can describe a city as so. After dropping our bags we set off for a stroll and came across a nice sports cafe/restaurant where we ordered this yummy paprika chicken. It was delicious. We noticed that both Prague and Budapest were not big on vegetables. I ordered a side of wok style cooked veges and got mushrooms and can't remember what other unusual vegetable came in it. Just not what I was expecting. The friendly waiter asked if I was from Australia...yikes...I said no and he said I had a hint of an Australian accent. I was a little peeved heh but I laughed and said that's really close to where I'm from so not bad. He was grinning from ear to ear at that!
On our walk back to our apartment we walked from the rear of the Basilica on the right and it was after 11 pm at night, the moon was high and the sight of the moon above the Basilica was just surreal. The Basilica gleamed in the moonlight it was just breathtaking. The square in front of the Basilica is vast with a few cafes and restaurants set off it but still it's fairly quiet in the area. With that image in mind I had a good sleep looking forward to the next day. 


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