Venezia: Day 2 Morano Glass

Venice day 2
We took up the free ride offer from the hotel to go see how glass is made on the island of Morano. It was a very cold day and windy over the water. They took us and four others in a water taxi which was quite comfortable. We saw the glass master heat the particles in extreme heat and mould it into a vase then another into an horse. His skill was fascinating to watch and they are apprentices for many years before they can be masters. Afterwards we were shown through to their immense shop with the hope that we'd buy some products. As much as I wanted one I was just imagining arriving home to Muscat and finding a shattered expensive ornament in our backpacks! So no grazie to the pricey glassware. 

Venezia through a Venetian mask

Taken from a bridge in the evening

Morano Glass maker at work

moulding a vase


We walked through the small island to the town centre Colonna, had coffee and jumped on the boat to San Marco square to make the most of the day. It was a bright cold day but we arrived to hordes of tourists all over the place. There was a long queue into the Doges palace which we had luckily seen the day before without standing in any lines. We worked our way through the square to the Correr Museum with Venezian artifacts, sculptures and paintings from over the centuries. There were some interesting sculptures that depicted Venetians out of the ordinary sexuality. However the attention to detail on the bodies and facial expressions of the people were just exquisite. We strolled around went back to Lido to the hotel and had a good sleep. In the evening we went out into the town again and had a nice evening of walking, food and wine tasting. We found in one bar the gondola drivers drinking taking turns dancing on the bar stools. We settled there and chatted with a nice Welsh couple who were in Venice for the week-end as well.


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