We were woken up by Nets and Rich who drove in from Winchester for the rugby. WE all stayed at the same hotel which was not far from the stadium. Matt and Cherna arrived and then we all made our way to the Twickenham stadium. We met up with other Samoans who lived in England and around Europe and we all sat together to do our cheer together. As Samoans it turns out we all know each other one way or another and some were old schoolmates. Small world this is. The rugby was great, our team won all our games and the people we were with made it even more fun. We went home around 6pm and went to get dinner from a nearby pub which served Indian cuisine. Went to bed early ready for another day at the field.
We woke up early to catch the huge inclusive English breakfast and caught a taxi to the stadium. Once again great rugby and we were having more fun off the field than on. Our team lost at the finals to NZ. Upside was my cousin Alf was playing for NZ and he had a good game. Our team didn't seem to have it from the onset of the game and so lost miserably. NZ went on to win the cup that day. All of us Samoans went straight to the hotel where the boys were staying by invitation and waited around for about an hour before a room was ready for our contingency.
We did our good ol' dancing and singing to amuse ourselves and one would think we won the tournament with the way we carried on. We were enjoying ourselves and then the power went out at the Crowne Plaza. I wonder now if it was a ploy to get rid of the supporters that were at the hotel but then the whole hotel power was shut down. The came around with glow sticks while waiting for the power to come back on. Well who needs light we kept on singing and dancing to the glow sticks and cellphones lights lol. It was quite funny. And as Polly pointed out later, the boys from Samoa probably thought we were nuts with the way we carried on with our singing and dancing but then it's the fact that being so far away from home when Samoans come together you just want to do everything that's Samoan hence the singing of old Samoan favourites that the younger ones didn't even know hahaha!
It must have been good because the Fijian star player William Ryder trekked over with two of his mates to join our party!!! And then we ran into another Fijian that we met in Hong Kong. It's such a small world when it comes to rugby and Pacific people. I also ran into another Fijian girl that I went to university with in NZ nine years ago!!!
Once again it was a fun day and our boys proved to be good sportsmen once again. We enjoyed ourselves until hunger tookover we left the hotel and drove through one famous fried chicken outlet to get our fill for the evening. We slept fitfully as Rich pointed out, 6 more hours to the English Breakfast hahaha! Choo hoo.


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