Cyclone Gonu Updates!

June 07, 2007
It's still pouring rain here. Power is still on and so are the phones so its not too bad. Our bedroom window started to leak through earlier so we're just mopping it every now and then but otherwise all is well. The cyclone is supposed to pass Muscat and head up to the coast of Iran. Due to the dry air from the desert it has supposedly slowed down the winds and breaking up the cyclone so hopefully it'll pass soon. All I know for sure is that Muscat plants are now well watered for the next few days. There's flooding in some areas apparently and our friend by the beach didn't call us back to pick them up. I take it they left with their neighbours as that's what they were about to do when I last spoke to them.
My other friend who lives in a house at the university in Al Khoud texted to say their windows were all leaking through and the trees around the area had fallen and there was debris around the area and she had had enough of Cyclone Gonu! So I say we have it pretty easy so far. Because we're on the third floor of our compound we're pretty sheltered from the wind from all sides so we're okay. Just 3 hours ago a plastic table fell off someone's porch. I say that was pretty dumb to leave stuff out like that when there are strong winds. Someone's porch umbrella was also blown off their balcony!!! Some very smart people around. I shouldn't be too mean because I guess most people haven't seen anything like this before! Well just letting our families know that we're okay.(I lost the internet connection right about here so I saved this on word) Alex's flight last night got cancelled so he's watching DVDs to amuse himself while I blog away in between reading a Harlan Coben novel. I'll post some more updates soon if the internet is still running. Ta daa

June 08, 2007
So the rain finally stopped and so has the wind. Today was nice and calm and the sun even peaked through the clouds in the afternoon. The hills looked so beautiful and clear. However around Oman some people suffered devastation. Houses near wadis and the ocean were flooded. So we had it pretty easy. Some idiots sent text messages around that there was a tornado coming during the cyclone(?!?) which sent some poor souls into a panic. This afternoon we decided to go for a drive to check on friends and to get out of the apartment. One of our friends ‘Sera’ was by herself as her husband was stuck overseas. The poor lady looked so relieved that it was finally all over. Her house looked like she just experienced a major cyclone. Poor Sera was so stressed about the cyclone hitting that she was delirious with panic and packed up a lot of their things. To make matters worse she kept receiving messages from people about a tornado coming so she cleared out the closet for refuge!!! I just can’t believe how mean and inconsiderate some people are. I spoke to Frieda as well and she said that her neighbours called to say they were all in the closet with their kids due to the tornado warning. So while we were bored out of our minds yesterday, other people were really going through a crisis or rather, getting themselves into a frenzy about the cyclone. Hilda said she just slept, glad to have the time off work to catch up on her sleep.
The highway was flooded yesterday and we saw evidence of it today while driving around. Lots of road damag by the heavy rains.
Sometimes people are just negligent. They like to go out and have a look around during these disasters and then become victims in the process.


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