Post-Cyclone Gonu

O lea e lelei mea uma. E leai se mea o faaletonu ai maua. Faafetai i le alofa o le Atua ona o lana puipuiga alofa mo i maua i taimi o lologa ma matagi malolosi. Faafetai foi tatalo mai i aiga ma uo. Ia God bless.
I was in the middle of updating during the cyclone when the internet got disconnected. We still don't have the internet at home but will post some pictures afterwards. We continued to have electricity up to now. Water got cut off just for one whole day. After the cyclone we drove around Muscat and were shocked to find that there was heavy flooding, roads and cars were washed away. Houses were flooded as well. We were very lucky compared to many people around Oman. The damages are estimated at around $1billion! BUT this is an oil rich nation so it won't take long before everything is up and running again. I must commend the effiency of the government departments in issuing warnings to residents before the cyclone. Even their post-cyclone efforts have been remarkable. Our running water is already back on and the power never got cut off. Choppers and army vehicles and personnel have been working around the clock to get water and food to villages that have been cut off! More than 50 people died as a result of the cyclone so far according to the local newspapers. Businesses that could were already back in business as soon as they got power and water.
I went to check my work place because I couldn't get through on the phones and I found the boss and admin staff cleaning out the building because it got flooded. Luckily it was only floor level though they lost some books and equipment. So I had the week off until the work place is up and running again.
Otherwise praise be to God that we are fine and our friends are all okay as well.


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