Back to normal!

Here I am blogging from home once more. The phone came back on last night along with the internet and showtime TV. Just as well as I've just about read every book on our book shelves and have had enough of conspiracies of taking over the world and lawyers making and spending too much money...! I think I should move on to more philosophical stuff for a little while...or not.
Lately I would pick up a book and start reading and if I'm not in the mood for it I would drop it and look for another. Maybe this is normal for others but I never used to do that. I got a list of books from my nephew Ben in Brighton so I'm now on a quest to find them and start reading some more.
First of all let me go back to work. Hopefully on Saturday our classes will start again. The school was totally flooded and they were working on re-wiring the whole place due to water damage! And air-conditioning is a must as 45 degrees Celsius is not exactly an ideal classroom temperature! I hope for my boss' sake(and my sanity) that things are back to normal and we start on Saturday.
I just found out that my sister's house got robbed last week-end in NZ which is sad. Luckily they were out of the house but the thieves took all their electronic equipment. The worst of all, their laptop was stolen with all the pictures of their new baby. Once again just as well we all have copies since day one of baby that I'll just make a CD of all the pictures and send it to them. Still I wouldn't want to lose our laptop let alone our hard drive..arrrgghhh. Well the police have the thieves' DNA and hopefully they'll be caught. Two other houses on the street were also broken into. Thank goodness that my sister and her family are all okay. Just the thought of your private space being violated is just disgusting and unthinkable. I hope those thieves get what they deserve, many years behind bars.


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