Cyclone Gonu

It's 6.40pm here in Muscat and the country is in a state of emergency due to Cyclone Gonu heading for the coast of Oman. Everyone was sent home from work today to await or sit out the cyclone at home. It hasn't arrived yet and hope it has missed us altogether. It is predicted to hit the East coast of Oman and Muscat would just get heavy rains and gusts of wind as we'll only get the fringes of the strong winds. So Inshallah as they say here it doesn't affect too many people and it breaks up soon. Its apparently unusual for these parts to get hurricanes or cyclones but somehow the Indian waters thanks to global warming has now provided the perfect conditions for a cyclone to form. I am not one bit excited about this because I thought I was far away from the Pacific prone to cyclones and here I am in the Middle East and it has followed me here! Isn't it ironic. This would be my fifth cyclone in my young life! Oh well such is life!!!
On a lighter note I heard yesterday on the local news that according to an UK survey, Oman was deemed the safest country in the Middle East and North Africa and was rated 22nd of 121 countries that were included in the survey. I am not surprised by this because this is a peaceful country.
I got lovely news from home last week that our family won the case to do with our family's Tuisafua title. Mom was the leader of our side and had researched the case and our genealogy for many years. God bless you Mom for a job well done for us and for generations to come. Thanks to all our family that had supported Mom and those that made it on the day and those like me that prayed for such an outcome. May the Tuisafua family prevail!
Malelega-a-le-Toelau suli(descendant) o le Tuisafua


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