England and the Twickenham 7s

On Monday morning after eating our fill of English breakfast at the hotel in Hounslow we checked out and started our drive(Richard driving, Alex, Nets and I yapping) towards Lymington from where Alex and I caught the ferry to the Isle of Wight. The ferry ride was short and sweet but the day was so cold and cloudy. We were met by Neil and my bouncy brother Jos. The first thing that hit me about Jos were his startling blue eyes! They was amazing, quite a contrast to the dreary day. I hadn't seen Jos since I was 8 years old so it was lovely to see him again as well as Neil and my sister Leigh. We took the scenic drive to Ventnor and stopped along the way to see the land slip and the white cliffes. So nice for me to be back there. I could only get out of the car for a few minutes as it was just too cold for me. We got home and Ben(Leigh and Neil's son) was there to greet us too. He's my oldest nephew and 3 years my senior. First time I've met him. Unfortunately I was so tired, I went straight to bed to have a little sleep. Alex went for a walk with the family down to the beach and around the town and had a pint down the village pub. I woke up refreshed and we all chatted around the kitchen while Neil and Leigh made a mean chicken curry. It was lovely and relaxing and fun to hear Jos tell stories of me and my sisters when we were small. He had some old slides of us as kids which were awesome. That night we enjoyed a lovely dinner and then went with Jos for a walk down to the village before nightfall. It was great to catch up after all those years. Stayed up late chatting away until we all took turns to retire for the evening.
The next morning we only woke up around 10am. I didn't see Jos off which is a bit of a bummer but we'll see him next time I'm sure. Alex, Leigh, Ben and I went out for a walk down the land slip. The sun finally came out but it was still a bit cold. We enjoyed the walk and then we drove to Shanklin ate some pasties there, saw Ben off before Leigh dropped us to Cowes wharf to catch the ferry to the mainland.
Netia met us at Southampton and off we went home. We had a quiet night of fish n chips, the boys playing wii while Nets and I sat on the porch to rose and lots of catching up before we parted.
We arrived back to Muscat this morning tired. We hardly slept on the 7 hour flight so we went straight to bed and slept till about 3pm. Alex has just left for work. He's flying to India and back. I'm already sleepy again now that it's almost midnight.
We had such a great time in England with our friends Netia and Rich. It was great to catch up with Nets. It's been a long time and its amazing how old friends just meet up after some time and yet get on and just quickly fill in the gaps as if no time had lapsed. We had fun times and best of all was that our hubbies got on which is a plus!!! On Wednesday we went to London for a bit of sightseeing. It was raining and we got into London at about 1pm. We went to Westminster Parliament house and the Abbey, Big Ben. We went to the London Tower and over London bridge. We couldn't go up the London Eye as it was raining and it would be useless to go up and not be able to see anything. After going around the London Tower we went to Knightsbridge to Paxton's Head Pub to meet up with Alex's cousins who also live in London. After a few pints and dinner we got back in the tube and trained to the car when poor Nets drove us all home to Winchester. We got back at around 2am. Staggered to bed exhausted but happy that we had such a lovely time. Yesterday we woke up lounged around with Netia and Alex playing tennis on Wii and I emailing. Poor Richard had to go to work. Netia made us a lovely Samoan sapsui(cho suey) before they drove us to the airport. We were stuck in traffic for a bit so we arrived at around 6.30pm and quickly checked in. The flight was empty so it was good for us.
Said our goodbyes and promises that we will meet real soon. It was sad to wave goodbye to Nets and Rich. However we had such a lovely time and look forward to them visiting ua soon.
Thanks heaps to:
Nets and Rich for your hospitality and for such good times.
Leigh and Neil for putting us up and for a lovely time..
Jos and Ben for staying back to catch up with us.
Mark and Kaye for the lovely evening.
James for making the time to meet up.
Matt and Shirna for coming out with us.
Ari for making it to see us.
Samoa Sevens Team for good rugby and tickets to the games.


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