The Two-hundreth Post!

Went back to work last week. It's nice to have an aim in life once more, something to wake up to and sleep stressing about hahaha! Ok not stressful really. I work from 4pm to 9pm which I think is pretty good. The boss has been trying to get me to work in the mornings too but I think I would like a quality of life rather than money. Or am I just lazy...well somebody shoot me... I also have a husband whom I think would like to see me at some point in the day. heh heh. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.
So Muscat is still recovering from the remnants of cyclone Gonu and they're doing great. Though there are some areas that still don't have running water however water trucks are sent there every now and then to replenish people's private tanks. Today before class I went to help David move one of their cars to the school compound where his partner works in case there's flooding tomorrow and their cars turn into floaters again. (See David, your name's mentioned) David said he enjoys reading the blog and yet he's never found his name on it. I try not to use people's name to protect their identities and use fake names at times. This is my blog and I wouldn't like it if someone else was blogging about me without my knowing!(unless it's nice things of course)
Another friend who also follows this blog expressed her concern that I'm publicizing myself to the world on this. Thanks for the concern but I really don't see the harm in blogging away about my little world. There are billions of people in this world and millions of blogs and websites I don't think the bulk of the globe would come across my blog much.
I started this blog for our families and friends because we live so far away. Instead of writing the same email a hundred times I can just write it once on here and everyone who gives a damn can go ahead and update themselves about our fabulous lives!
My brain
When I try to go to sleep at night, my brain chooses this time to operate at 150mph!!! I think of all sorts of things when I'm trying to fall asleep. My mind wanders to all corners of the globe and beyond. I would also mentally calculate numbers, for example how much I should be getting and how much I would've gotten if I worked after hours and on and on. Or I'll try to figure out how old my nieces, nephews and cousins are or how old we might be if we had a child in the near future. I get so carried away that I forget that I was trying to fall asleep in the first place!!! Anyway I have this mental journey most nights and then there's the odd night when I just fall asleep with no hassles but I have to be really tired to do so.
Last night I thought of my schooling as a child in Savaii at St Theresa's school. I was trying to remember all my old teachers' names and where they were from... One teacher stood out and that was Sr. Maria from Ireland! She took me in year 6 and 7. She was fairly small in build and had bright green eyes(I think.) She was lovely, and I remember she taught our class some Irish song like 'Danny Boy' and some other Irish favourites that we all learned by heart. She even introduced St Patrick's day to the school and it was great. Of course we had to wear green and decorate our classrooms with green decos and all. She even told us some stories that included leprechauns and the four leaf clovers. From then on I filled in the bus-waiting time looking for a darned four leaf clover!!! I wonder where in the world Sr. Maria is today. Wouldn't it be funny if she came across this entry due to divine intervention...
Ok it's late and I better take my brain to bed I have to work tomorrow at 9am to cover for another teacher. It's 1am now and I hope my brain will be nice and sleep early tonight with the rest of my body. OK I sound really loony now.
To all four of you my dear readers, have a lovely day tomorrow and blessed week.
E iai leisi taimi na o lou fia tusitusi lava i le gagana Samoa ina ia aua ona galo lau gagana. Ia ae leai lava ni tala e ono faaaoga ai le tatou gagana matagofie. Ou te manatua ai aso o ou aoga i tauvaga tusiga solo ma tala i le gagana Samoa ma le faa-Peretania. Sa iai taimi na malo ai au tala ae ou te manatua pea pei o ananafi le tasi tausaga pe a o le 10 poo le 11 o ou tausaga. Na ou fo'i mai i le aoga ae valaau mai si ou tama matua o Lealali ma si ou tina tausi o Faleasiu ou te alu atu i le fale ona e iai le la tala malie la e fia ta'u mai ia te a'u. Ma lo'u alu atu ae fusi a'u e si ou tama o Lealali(o le faafafine) ma fai mai, "sau si au tama ua tu tolu lau solo lea na lafo i le tauvaga a le 2AB." Na pei e tutupu ni ufi i o'u tino i lou fiafia tele i lena aso. Ua ou oso atu i luga o le moega o Faleasiu ma ou kisi atu i lona alafau. Na alu lena vaiaso o o'u savali i luga o le ea talu ai lo'i fiafia tele ona ua lau mai lo'u igoa i le leitio! Tiuhuuuuhuuuu!


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