Alex dug the hole near the terrace where the umu was going to be.

Starting the umu.

The pua'a dilemma The day before we were to do the umu, we got a call from the butcher that the smallest pig they could get was a 25kg one…arrrggghhh
Here we are, amateurs and as you can see it was a huge pig... omigosh what did we agree to! Here's the pig dwarfing Oliver(right) and his friend David(left).

The pro's at work heh heh. Our uncle who's in England called up and I told him we were doing a umu and he exclaimed, "Kalofa e ia Alex" meaning poor Alex. He gave us some last minute instructions on what to do and off we went with some confidence coupled with Ia gale kaalo a le keige Savaii, choo hoo!

Substituting by covering the umu with blankets and oak leaves from the garden.

A few beers and two hours later we uncovered the umu to see how lil' piggy was doing!

Carving the puaa and munching on the pa'u mu(crackling) at the same time. Yummy. While Peter(in red) and Marvin(background) looked on.

With all the pork he could dream of, lol.


dasifi said…
Congratulations to the umu makers. I think you have just out done yourselves there. Miss/Mr Piggy looks really scrumptious.
All the pork u can eat.Yummmmmm!!
nets said…
*mouth watering*

skills Alex! Nicely done the both of you :) xx
Omega & Alex said…
Yeah the pork was yummy but after so much I think we'll be ok without pork for the next 6 months hahaha! It was fun to do the umu though next time I think I won't be too stressed lol.
fotu of samoa said…
Oka, laga e tuff kele keige Savaii! Magaia le akoga o le umu i lau Oak ma ie afu!! lol!

Really enjoyed this post. Trust, Samoans to cook a Umu in a garden in Austria! I suppose when you've got a 25kg pig, not much is going to keep a Samoan away from that pa'u mu! hahaha.

Manuia taamilosaga o le vaiaso
Omega & Alex said…
But of course, and palagi 25 kgs all lean and no fat heh heh! No worries we gave everyone a faalumaga to take home as we had no freezer space! We still ate pork for days after though heh heh

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