Fiafia time...

We invited our friends in Austria to come around for the umu and to spend the evening with us as it was raining and the festival was cancelled. Out came the guitar, the flute and of course the Samoan cds and began the talent show of the evening. After Fleur, Alex and I performed the Samoan siva of course, Peter then not to be outdone drove all the way home to bring his flute to share his music with everyone. Iris managed to come out of her shell and sang a few old favourites and of course as the sonnhof wine was flowing pure and free the more performances there were… choo hoo
Even more special on this day was to see my friend Jorg again. Jorg and I were good friends back in 2000 when I was in Austria and I managed to persuade him to come to the hidden secret of the world being Samoa in which he did and he enjoyed immensely. As our cultures are quite different Jorg says that was quite an experience for him. Though the clubs shared the same values… one tequila, two tequila….. heh heh. So I hadn’t seen Jorg for 6 years and most of all he is just recovering from chemo treatments in which he almost died last year. Jorg came with his lovely partner Inge and their cute boy Fabian. So it was truly a celebration for us to see him again. Moreover the same week-end our friend Nicole came down from Vienna for the weekend with her kids. Our umu night was filled with joyous laughter from the kids and the drunken snorting from the grown-ups.

Siva time...

Peter playing the flute and Iris trying to distract him I think... lol

Fleur with Nicole and lil' Oliver


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