Been to London to see the queen!

My uncle Loli Satuu who is a coach for our village and district rugby club in Savaii was in England for the past six weeks. About 20 coaches from the Southern hemisphere were invited by the English Rugby Union to come to England and share their knowledge with their young budding rugby players from the ages of 6 up to 16 years. Talking to my uncle during his first week in England he had some funny stories to share. When they first arrived in England they were put through workshops such as Child safety(What is that to a Samoan?) where they were told under no circumstances are they to touch the boys or be seen near the changing rooms of the kids. (hahaha!) The Samoan coaches are succesful because of the discipline (slap) they give to their local boys and here they were told not to touch a hair on these kids... So Uncle said it was a very challenging first week. Some of the kids he wanted to pick up and drop kick but kept his cool and ignored them. He said it was a good challenge for their patience! Each week they were posted to different local families and these families are well-to-do folks as rugby is a rich man's game in England. He said they were really cordial and he had a good time with the families.
So Fleur and I decided to go see uncle in England unfortunately poor hubby had to work so I met up with Fleur and nephew Marvin in London and drove to Herefordshire where uncle was working two weeks ago. He knew Fleur and Marvin were coming but was duly surprised when he saw me so that was fun. We were all happy to see each other as it has been a long time. We spent the week-end in Hereford and on the Friday we went to see him coach 10 year olds. It was really funny to see him with all these blond kids. Just didn't look right! However talking to him he seemed to have learnt alot from the experience and he thinks the kids learned alot from them too. We went to see the prize giving in which the English kids they coached did the Haka and the Manu Samoa siva tau(warrior dance done before a rugby match by Samoans and Maoris.)


dasifi said…
Happy Birthday gurl,
Pretty sure whatever Alex cooks up for your birthday you will be pleasantly suprised. May our Heavenly father continue to bless you and your household, nourish your dreams and your fun and generous spirit.
Here's to more trips, more fun but perhaps a lil less pork * lol*
Manuia tele lou Aso Fanau.
Congratulations and best wishes from this side of the Globe.
Omega & Alex said…
Thanks very much for the well-wishes. Cheers

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