Stressful or what? *#^@-

True to their word the course coordinators are following through. Two days into the course and we had to teach a practice lesson and had an assignment due on the fifth day...arrrgghhh. Already had one all-nighter...this time its not from the usual last minute but its from 'not enough time' to do it all...arrrgghh. Next week we have to do 2 lessons already..hmmm have to be on top with my grammar and what not. No 'I is going to' but 'I am going to hahaha! Its fun though, the people in the course are cool and we're working together to make it through. 11 females and 1 guy...We thought poor guy but he said he's got 5 sisters and is not perturbed by it. Lucky for him:) Its a multi-national class and we're learning to teach English to adults. Refreshed respect for teachers from this course. Teaching is full on. We're learning to make classes interesting as well and not just rattling off while the students are bored to death. This past week has been wake up at 6.30am go to class, stay in the library afterwards till 6pm come home shower eat and back to work till late hours of the night. I have a feeling I might look a few years older after the course...arrrggh. It was funny though as the week progressed everyone looked more and more tired with bags under their eyes and red eyes(like mine) hahaha.
Received two parcels this week in the mail which was lovely. Samoan songs and artwork from sis in NZ and German pop music with photos from sis in Austria. Thanks guys, am enjoying the music on the iPod. At least I know also that the mail system does work though its very delayed but its better than nothing. Ok I better get back and do some reading.


an, i'm sure i sent that 2 months ago!!!! am there i was thinking samoan mail system was the crappiest in the wolrd.
(well, it is is coz they still open your mail and nick the goodies before sending...hahah!!)

seems like we're both stressing at the same time with training, i'm in akl all week for my FC training, one week back in hlm and back for another full week in akl...i'll meet up with talei as i'll be 2 streets down from vivace.
i'll see doris as well..
hey, i looked up how much (approx id pay for travel and its awesssome), akl-tahiti return:NZD255!!!!
so i'll prolly be dropping in in a few months for the weekend, hahah

luv u two,..
nets said…
hey jeecha :)
the pain of all the studying awwww... it'll be all over soon enough, and anyways, you know you secretly LOVE the challenge, so whatcha complaining about lol. U'll be sweet as, and as a teacher you might have to take out a few restraining orders on those students... either that or hang up a picture of Alex looking tuff LOL...
luff ya xx
aah well i guess some people need the reminder eh' hehe... congrats mega on the studies, you know my friend tima is teaching English in Oman but I guess they are so desperate there because tima did the test online and go accepted immediately.. okey dokes


Omega & Alex said…
Yeah Nets I love the challenge(not) hahaha Its a fun course now with lots of work on top hahaha! Relle I thought Tima was in Yemen? Anyway if she's here give me her email Oman is small and I'll meet up with her. If Yemen then now that's the country next door. Thanks again Jods for the package. Love it.
Thanks guys.

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