"iPod it yesterday!"

Yes I had a lovely day yesterday on my birthday. Hubby woke up early and got me my pressie in bed though I was still trying to see through the cobwebs..lol. As it turned out he got me an iPod 30 GB. Yippee..! So I was up to get it working on the computer all day hahaha. Am one happy girl. And to top it off the day I emerged from the shower to find the whole apartment candle-lit! Very romantic and I felt soooo special and happy. Hubby sat me down with a glass of my favourite wine while he ran off to serve up the entree! Then he made my favourite main: Rib Eye STEAK heh heh and it was just perfect. The master chef did it again. That steak melted in my mouth...yum. Rounded off with tiramisu for dessert that hubby made himself of course. That was a superb meal and it was a lovely evening indeed and yeah we had music streaming from the new iPod! So hubby has done it again! God bless him always. Here's a pic of self last night but the camera couldn't capture the atmosphere and my elation!


Peachy.. said…
Happy Belated B-Day fellow blogger. I love the pictures you've posted. Matua'i romantic si ou toalua. I often take mine for granted (I shouldn't though-he's a sweetheart-when he wants to-ha,ha,ha,) so heeeere's to all the Romantics... Manuia..Ciao...
nets said…
awww... so romantic and iPod- woohoo :)

and you got a STEAK as well? YUM. I love husbands heh heh heh.

dasifi said…
Looks like you were treated like da Queen dat u are. Yep a great man knows what he's got and treats her accordingly. If only all men were as considerate and romantic.
Again gurl hope you will have many more fabulous years to spend with your loving man. I know it was your birthday but kudos to Alex for being such a wonderful husband and partner.
Take care of him his kind is rare but I pray they will never go extinct.
Omega & Alex said…
Well I didn't go blind into it you know hahaha! And this woman don't settle for less! Yes my hubby is lovely and we have a very good thing going for us. I thank God and bless his folks for moulding him into who he is today..lucky me but then hey he's lucky too you know lol.. Thanks for the well-wishes ladies and sounds like you are blessed with good men too. So cheers to all the good men.

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