Back to school!

My course begins in two days so it looks like I might not be able to blog for awhile. We'll see if they can keep this blogger away from the keyboard!? I've just been doing pre-course work and definitely have to expect lots of work when the course starts. Back to school for me and am really looking forward to it.
Went for a swim today dowstairs and try to get a bit of tan. Its been too hot to swim and now the heat has finally subsided that it was not too bad swimming today. Will try and do it again tomorrow before the course starts as I might not be able to do it in the next two months!
I was reading the Time magazine about the boom in India. Amazing though in the city of Bombay they have rich people like Bollywood actors and poverty stricken people at their doorsteps living in slums. Alex flies to Bombay though they don't overnight but the first time he flew there he reported that as the plane was taxing in he was shocked to see right there near the air-strip are slums with people doing their business while watching the planes land!!! Now ain't that something! To quote a Bollywood director from the article he said, "Bombay is the only city where the rich work out in the gym and exit to find malnourished children outside the door!" However they went on to say that India is trying its best to better the lives of everyone and fix infrastructure and all. I can't wait to go to India to see myself.


nets said…
Good luck babes, it'll be great... new people = new friends and experiences, you'll have a ball! I have India on my "to go to" list too lol, so many things I want to witness first hand! That's such a sad story about the bollywood and doostep poverty. But mate it's increasing and so are the efforts to curb it, so let's pray and live in hope and Faith that we may see the fruits in our life time. ia ua lava fo'i ga lectures lol xx
dasifi said…
All the best to you and your studies. Faapalegi lava meaaoga ma le tour o India. I am sure one day you will go and witness for yourself the disparity between the oh so rich and the extremely poor. It certainly helps us appreciate the fact that though we are not rolling in cash like good ole Billy Gates we are comfortable and do not know what we its like to go hungry and not eat for days.
Here's to another fabulous week.
God Bless.
supasta said…
hows it going wit the new job nyds?
hope u lovin it sho

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