The twins on holiday!

Isaac with the big grin.

Alex on the boat.
Just received some nice pictures from our relatives in California updating us with what the twins are up to. Some pics of Isaac and Alex on holiday with their Uncle and Aunt. Isaac and Alex Solomona are my brother Chris Andrew's twin sons from his previous marriage in the US. Baby Siatua is their new little brother.


oh my Gawd...theyre all grown up and soooo good lookin'!!! Gawd i wish i could see them again...i still remember when tanielu and i went to visit them in Bakersfield(some far out wop wop place!!) and they were naughty lil' monkeys peeing all over the sofas...haha

now theyre all grown up..sob sob...ok mex, post up some more of the Solomona twins...

luv fotu
Anonymous said…
Hi Omega,
I just checked your site and saw the pictures of the boys. They are handsome little guys. I saw the picture of Drew's new baby and he is very cute. Thank you for sharing your site with us. Keep in touch.

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