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Friday, June 23, 2006

Silver status!

Got my silver skywards cards in the mail today. Very exciting, finally a silver member. It means I can now go into the Emirates silver members lounge in Dubai airport where internet, food and drinks are all free and if lucky get a couch to sleep on while awaiting the connecting flight. Last year on my way to Samoa I took Alex's silver card with me as he got silver status last year. So I managed to bluff my way into the silver lounge using Alex's card. You're not allowed to use your spouse's card. The next time I went through Dubai I tried the same trick again but this time the guy behind the desk did a check and said sorry that wasn't my card. I quickly put on my "ignorant" look and walked away before any further embarrassment, heh heh caught! Well with silver status I can check in faster, receive more points for the next bookings and goodness knows what else they have. I just have to travel some more now to get gold status(wonder what their lounge is like?!)... Ok I'm dreaming now...

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dasifi said...

yay you lucky girl. Enjoy your silver card and all the trimmings that come with it,who knows maybe just a couple more trips back home will earn you your golden status and all the privileges it entails.