Caught at last.

I just got very good news from my brother at home regarding the thief that has been stealing from our place for the past three years. They caught him and now he is in police custody charged with breaking and entering. The sad part is this guy goes in and out of our place freely every day more than once. He was a trusted young guy from the village who played in the hotel band. Really really sad that our family trusted him so much and he turns around and robs from us. Oh yeah this is the same thief who robbed from our place the same night my grandmother passed away. That was the lowest of the lowest and I hope they lock him up and throw away the key.
Over the years, whenever there was a theft on the compound all the other guys would be taken by the police for questioning for the past years including his first cousin. Not once did anyone suspect this one. Very very sad indeed but I'm just relieved that they now caught him and they at home can sleep better at night now.


dasifi said…
Glad that ur family can now have back their peace of mind over this matter. But at the same time you don't quite know which of the two is sadder (1) the way this guy paid back the trust that was placed in him or (2) because of his greed he has thrown away a decent job and future prospects.

There is that old Samoan saying that he should have paid closer mind to " e sola lava le amio leaga ae tuliloaina" ..the essence being that people get a false sense of security when they commit a crime and aren't caught right away. They overlook the fact that sooner or later they will be found out and brought to justice.
Hope others will learn from this guys mistake and refain from stealing.. especially from their employers. Another impt lesson don't bite the hand that feeds you" *winks*

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