'Simply The Best'

Well went to the Karaoke Bar last night at Pavo Real (Mexican style) here in Muscat. It is quite the happening place every Monday night! After chugging back a couple of Amigo cocktails I felt I was Tina Turner marched up with my friend Ponita to the DJ and demanded Simply the Best to be played! heh heh Then we hid behind the partition and sang from there hahaha! It was hilarious, but man I swear we outdid Tina or was it my Amigo hearing lol. In between dancing the night away I get the occasional irritating question: "So what do you do?" My reply, "I'm a housewife, a Desperate Housewife." End of story haha!


Shark Girl said…
Hahaha. Obviously you weren't that drunk or you would've been doing your thang in the middle of the restaurant...on the tables...the bar...you know, the usual. Hehe.

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