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Now, we're really into improving our eating and everyday habits for better health. The things we pick up at the supermarkets determine what we put into our bodies during the week. So we learned in the "Abs Diet" that we're reading by David Zinczenko otherwise known as the Men's Health Mag Editor. I like how he focuses on the core of the body being the abs area. So the exercises outlined include other main muscles in the body but comes back to pinpoint the abs as an important part to work on. So my mission has begun yesterday the first day of the program. Most important though is that we must eat six small meals a day instead of the traditional three main meals. This has been published in many health books though as the key to leading a healthy life.
Then it makes me think of our Samoan counterparts who eat a lot when it comes to meal times. Its interesting but our eating habits I think we learn from an early age: I was always taught to finish the plate because there are hungry children in Africa who are dying without food so we must not waste food. So I and many others came to accept this and I would try to eat everything on my plate. Even when my eyes are bigger than my tummy. So I sit back and wonder why I feel so full every time and it all leads back to "I must clean the plate by eating all that's on it otherwise I am wasting food." OK now I question that method of making a child finish the plate, maybe that was not a good example because it led to my overeating and probably others too. Now when I've eaten enough I tell myself I do not have to finish the plate. Either save it for later or just discard the food because as we used to retaliate sometimes "we cannot really send the left-overs to Africa can we now?". So it brings me back to the Abs Program method: eat small meals six times a day and mind you its good balanced meals, not junk and fatty food!


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