The trip!

South of Oman near the town of Sur at Ras al Hadd is a stretch of beach on which the green turtles surface to lay their eggs. Most of the areas are protected except for Al Ras beach which is open to allow people like us who want to mess with nature by watching these huge turtles lay their eggs. We started our drive at 4pm yesterday taking the highway through Ibra towards Sur. We bought some meat for our BBQ and our tour guide Ali from Rawabi Adventures lead the way in his Land Cruiser with part of our crew. Alex and I were behind with other friends in our car. Of course on the way we encountered the accident in the picture below which gives an idea of how fast they drive here. We stopped at many gas stations to get some ice but since its the week-end they were out of ice. We stopped at Ali's home town in the village and of course Omani hospitality greeted us there! We drove on and finally made it to the Sur Beach Hotel at 9pm. It was a bit late so we checked in and hopped back in the cars to head for the turtle beach to catch the turtles laying eggs.


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