Pagipopo trial

So I finally got around to trying to make pagipopo myself. These are coconut buns Samoan style. Nets sent me the recipe which one amazing Samoan lady has on her panipopos blog. She makes and posts good ol' Samoan favourites and are just awesome. Her instructions are so clear and down to the T that even an hopeless baker/cook like moi managed to bake pagipopo the first time round..yippee.
I panicked when my dough got stuck to my hands and to the bench I thought I was doing something wrong. Thanks to the top baker in Dubai whom helped me through the 'doughy' bits. So I finally put them in the pan and poured the coconut sauce in only to find the pan was leaking...aaargh. Just my luck of course. I just put the pan on another flat pan and placed it in the oven and hoped for the best. Luckily they turned out well and am SOOOO happy that I can now make these delicacies. I have to make another batch for friends now since the 8 bun one I made today didn't live past our family heh heh.:)


Goddess said…
omg -im sure i read this exaxt blog entry somewhere else....almost word for word!!! or am i imagining things or whaa??? weird shit!

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