Today I was woken up by the smell of bacon and eggs, never-mind my son yelling from the doorway, wake up mummy, WAKE UP, then he went to the window and tried to pull the curtains open to let the light in. That did the trick along with the smell from the kitchen. I got out of bed, freshened up and came downstairs to eat up a storm. Our friends who are a family of five came over for the day. There was a rugby and a league game so the boys were glued to the TV all afternoon. I decided to bake some goodies from my newfound favourites and made some afghan cookies that were demolished in no time, we then ordered in, by the time we finished dinner the pagipopo was ready for desert. What a delight. I'm just really happy that I can now make these without a worry. To think about a week ago I would never have thought I could make them. So while we adults were finishing our dinner the three boys went upstairs to play in Tau's room. Next thing that happened was all three boys were locked in the bedroom as we had a spare mattress that somehow had blocked the door from opening into the room. So here we were trying to yell out instructions to the 5 year old in the room to lift the very heavy mattress so we could open the door onto it and help him push the mattress away from the door. So we managed to force a little opening through the door only to see the 2 and 3 year old boys happily sitting on the mattress while Master 5 is trying honestly to push the mattress with all his might. He was so brave and was trying. Eventually dad 1 managed to push the door so hard that the mattress was squashed up and I could slide into the room. By this time, Dad 2 was standing on the balcony outside the bedroom waiting for Master 5 to locate the key and open the balcony door. It was actually such a funny episode. But it's funny how something unsuspecting like that could turn into a tricky situation!


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