Tragedy in Christchurch

Reminiscent of the tsunami that hit Samoa almost two years ago was my experience of when I found out of the earthquake in Christchurch. I was so scared for my families and friends down there. Only five months ago there was an earthquake there but no one was hurt and this time immediately afterward they reported 65 people had died. It was a sad sad day for New Zealand. I was so scared for my families as I tried frantically to get through to them or to other families that may have heard from them. 24 hours later we heard from all of them that they were okay including one of my best friend's parents who normally worked in the city and amazingly they were in Wellington to visit their other daughter when the earthquake devastated Christchurch. As sad as it is, there are some beautiful stories of people and their heroic efforts to help others out of the rubble and lots of New Zealanders are offering their homes to those that need a place to live for the time being. So far 145 people have been confirmed dead with 200 still missing or unaccounted for. The iconic cathedral steeple in Christchurch has collapsed along with a lot of iconic buildings in the city. I'm just thankful that I heard from all of my family and friends and pray for those who've lost loved ones in this tragedy.
Christchurch holds a special place in my heart as I went to Lincoln University after high school to pursue a commerce degree. It was there I made a lot of great friends in Christchurch and met a lot of my family there. I love Christchurch as a city and from those days Crusaders is the team I support in the Super 15 tournament. One of my friends put on his status that their house is no more but at least their family of 3 escaped and are looking to rebuild. "Rise Up Christchurch"


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