A thief in our midst

I've had a really bad few days: mood wise. Two girl-friends who were at odds with each other for awhile now finally came head to head this week. We're all friends but they were inseparable. However when I became better friends with them, cracks were already showing in their relationship and it finally boiled over last week. I just kept telling them that they have to sit down and talk about it. Anyway so it finally came to a point where both were telling me why the other was so and so...I felt like I was dealing with school girls. So after listening patiently I decided I didn't need this and told them I was taking a break from them until they settled their differences. This is just not working out and I'd rather enjoy friends then play dodge the other. It's made me sad as my son and their kids are friends too but I really had to give them a break in the past week so they can sort out their own troubles and not get me involved.
It brings me to the subject of how some people lie to make themselves look better in light of something not so nice that they'd done. If you don't know them well you don't know they're lying until you hear conflicting retelling of the same stories later. So I think what the heck move on out if you think lying makes you feel/look good.
Some girl friends and I are going to Hong Kong next week to the sevens. The hubbies were supposed to come along but it just didn't work out with their leave so a girls trip it will be. We've been planning our costumes for the sevens and now I almost have all of my outfit ready for the sevens and really can't wait. So I went to the tailor to pick up my gear and then just to make sure they fit I dropped into a friend's house to try them on as they live near the tailor. My friend's maid we've gathered has been stealing money from them as well as from us! So ever since we found this out I've been careful with my handbag when I go to their house. I now basically leave my bag locked in the car. Usually I take the keys with me when we're in the garden or whereever  around their house. However on this day I just left the keys by the door and went in. To cut the story short when we came in to the house and sat in the lounge I heard the front door close. I was a bit jumpy wondering why the door would close when we're all sitting in the lounge. Weirdly enough I immediately thought of the car keys and my bag in the car but thought I was being crazy. Anyway when it was time to leave I went straight for my bag and looked through it and found that the money I had there in my purse was gone!!! And I know it was there because I had just bought some material from a shop on the way to the tailor and then to my friend's house. I knew all along how much money was in there as I had to pay the tailor for my gear! I was so hurt and angry. This is the same maid whom I help any way I can. I let her look after my son whenever so I will pay her extra money and many other things however ever since we realised that she's been stealing I haven't invited her around anymore. That night I felt violated and fooled by her. I was so angry and so upset that it ruined any excitement I had that day. Unfortunately it carried on to the next day. I was so down yesterday to the point of feeling sick. In case you think I'm crazy she had stolen from me before. And it's not little money she steals some big notes:( My visiting friend eventually revealed to me that she had money stolen from her bag too when she stayed with us and only this maid/friend was here that day. So I'm determined to catch her red-handed and then confront her about it someday. In the meantime I'm not going around there anymore. 


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