Samoan Election Results and Oman Protests

There are now two parties in power in Samoa which is a great outcome of yesterday's elections. There are about 12 members in the opposing Tautua party so that gives it less chances of it dissolving if some of them are disqualified for whatever reason.
In Oman people here and there continue to protests. We just heard that the Oman Air staff were now protesting in from of the Oman Air headquarters in Seeb! On Friday, when we were driving back home along the ministry street we saw a group of Omanis about 20 men gathering near NBO with what looked like a banner as if they were about to march. I guess it must have been more protests of sort. Further down the road there were two big army vehicles parked on the road side as if protecting the protest but also on guard in case violence broke out. It seems the people are now protesting in peace with no more violence since last week in Sohar to everyone's relief. Hubby is going to the UK for a week for work so hmm it will be interesting being here on our own in the midst of this. I just have to get a one way ticket somewhere in case s&*^ hits the fan but right now I'm not worried. However the Sultan has replaced two ministers with others in accordance to what the people want which is huge. These ministers have been in power for a long time. I wonder if this sort of thing will lead to civil unrest and re-awaken the tribal factions that may lead to war between the tribes. But then again the Omanis today seem like such peaceful people that don't like altercations so maybe that era is passed? And then there's the fact that they like to own guns and so a lot of people own guns of sorts which is normal but will those come in handy in these times or am I being a pessimist? We will see.
The weather is quite unusual today starting yesterday where it looks like it's going to rain and it's very dreary. It's already drizzled, by drizzling I mean just a drop here and there and then it stops. We'll see what today holds.


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