Oman today

On March 1st I searched the internet and tuned into every channel imaginable that could have news on any more protests in Oman but there was nothing. I called friends around the place and no one heard anything interesting. There were supposed to be a gathering at the grand mosque at 4pm in support of the Sultan but I didn't hear anything about it. My son and I went to visit a sick friend and everything seemed normal on that side of Muscat that we planned to go to Shatti beach in the afternoon for our kids to play.
We went to Shatti Beach and found it as usual. It was easy to find a park so I guess it wasn't as busy as usual. So we set up on the beach with out mat, chair and toys for the kids. We'd been there about half an hour when I saw and Omani guy in football gear amongst the many that were there drag a goal post to one side of us. I realised that we were then sitting in the middle of a make shift football pitch. I started to fume and anticipating the confrontation with the person that was going to ask us to move. Eventually this English guy(judging from his accent) out of all the Omanis that were there came up and said "could you please move up the beach because we're about to play" before we could say anything he added, "we've been playing here for 25 years so there's nothing you could do about it". I had enough, I said " well we got here first and there's more beach for you to play on" and he said we've been playing here for 25 years. My friend was saying so what man, we're here to enjoy the beach in peace, and I added "it's not our fault that we weren't here 25 years ago but this is a public beach." I couldn't be arsed so we started to move away and this one English guy is basically helping/forcefully moving us along. I was voicing my unhappiness loudly and he kept saying sorry, it's just the way it was. Hilarious. It was like the one token white guy was used to come approach the other outsiders to move away from their chosen spot. And to top it off they're just amateur footballers killing time in the arvo. Grow up guys, your respectable countries ain't going to call on you to come represent your countries any time soon, that boat sailed a while back! Anyway needless to say quietly I was thinking if all these guys are here playing football then they're not out there protesting!


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